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Triple J Crystals

Apophyllite on Mordenite

Apophyllite on Mordenite

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Apophyllite is a hydrated potassium calcium silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of pyramidal structures, cubic crystals, as well as druzy on a matrix or other minerals. The common color of Apophyllite is clear or white, although it can also be found as grey, yellow, red, and green. Green Apophyllite is the rarest color of them all.

Mordenite is a hydrated sodium, calcium, and potassium aluminosilicate mineral and member of the Zeolite family. It crystallizes in the form of masses, striated needle-like points, fibrous aggregates, and small prismatic shards. The most common colors Mordenite is found in is chalky-white and a salmon orange-pink (other lesser-known varieties include yellow, red, and even colorless). 

This beautiful specimen measures 2.8" x 1.3" x 1.75"

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