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Triple J Crystals

Pregnant goddess body

Pregnant goddess body

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Choose from Amber Calcite, Gold Sheen Obsidian or Sodalite.

Amber Calcite is commonly referred to as the crystallized version of Honey Calcite. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that crystallizes in the form of pointed tall, and slender crystals in a fan-like cluster. Amber Calcite is UV reactive and turns pink and green under UV light. It is also phosphorescent.

Golden sheen obsidian is formed when patterns of gas bubbles are aligned along layers created by the flowing lava before it solidified.

A light, relatively hard yet fragile mineral, Sodalite is named after its sodium content; in mineralogy it may be classed as a feldspathoid. Well known for its blue color, Sodalite may also be grey, yellow, green, or pink and is often mottled with white veins or patches.

Each goddess body stands approx. 2" tall

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